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on money [Jan. 22nd, 2007|10:10 am]
When I was married to my first husband, we never had any money. I wasnt allowed to have a bank account, so I didnt really know where all the money went.
Now, he still doesnt have any. He borrowed money from my son to put gas in his car, to drive to his grandmother's in order to borrow some money for food so he could feed the kids on his weekend. He sleeps all day and never answers his phone. He got laid off from his job after 18 yrs, but he got a severance package and employment insurance etc. He was also making around $50K so where does his money go? I still dont know.

How was I able to support a family of 5 on $36K a yr, for nearly 2 yrs before I had to declare bankruptcy? I dont know. I just did. There wasn't a choice, was there? And even when we did finally declare bankruptcy, a large portion of the debt was income tax issues, resulting from my husband's failure to file income tax from several years prior.

I think I will get Bren to call the priest who looks after the foodbank and see what the criteria for a single person is. If he doesnt qualify maybe I will make him a box myself and leave it on his doorstep. Maybe a small can of gas for his car too? As long as he doesnt know it was me.

I hate money. It is such an awful thing.