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TPC [Mar. 5th, 2007|02:16 pm]
The Toronto Pagan Conference was fabulous. I am so glad that I suffered the 10 hr train ride to be there. Check out Deo's Shadow, a Pagan Podcast.

Thank you to my dear coven sister and her partner who were such fantastic hosts.

Above and beyond anything that my words could possibly make any sense of, thank you to sher_khan For a brief moment, I saw myself as I want to be seen.

The seminars were very engaging and there was a sense of community and a unity that is born of being part of something growing and alive. Memories will include howling at the moon and viking sing-alongs and the wicked church lady, communication through intercourse as opposed to open discourse, lipstick ownership, broken hips, naughty boots and glitter.

I met an infinitely interesting man who may attempt to put things into a literary perspective that will make sense to not only me but everyone else.

I will make an effort attend every year, even if the only reason is simply for the one moment of the year when I don't have to make breakfast.